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The company begin with the passionate peoples.

We empower visionaries to lead meaningful website.

HSR has grown to become an expert in web creation through CMS Drupal. We founded HSR because we want to do intentional, meaningful work. We want to leave a mark greater than ourselves.


The Mastermind

Mr. Hadafi

Division of Project Team, Founder

Love: Cars, Computer, Gadget, Drupal rocks!

mr. hadafi

Drupal expert

Mr. Hadafi is a passionate person with full of skills in managing the projects. He is the expert in Drupal; everything is possible to him.

The Accountant

Mrs. Nur Ain

Division of Finance

Love: Money

mr. hadafi

Numbers Lover

Never complaint number with her; she is the best person we hold on to make sure the company growth at 35.32% every year. See how statistical she is.


Mr. Adam

Division of Creative

Love: Photoshop, Illustrator, Colors

mr. hadafi


In term of design, he is the best to comment out. He able to make express the proffesionalism through creativity and design.

This is how we were begin